Sunday, September 15, 2013

Blog Assignment #4

Why Podcasts?

Technology is constantly changing and there is always something new to learn. That's why it's important, as teachers, we prepare students by teaching them the skills they will need to stay up to date and change with it.

chimpanzee wearing head phones

Introducing technology, specifically podcasts, to children at a young age is a great teaching method. Children are exposed to media on a regular basis, so it's important to show them how to use and navigate it constructively. Podcasts are a great tool because most kids are already well-acquainted with technology, so they find it interesting and relevant. Learning with podcasts is hands-on so it's also a good way to promote innovation, engagement and enhance creativity.

Ways to Use Podcasts in the Classroom:

  • One way to use podcasting in the classroom is recording lectures or reviews. Students can then download and listen to the material on iTunes. This is a great way to keep an absent student in the loop.

  • Recording and editing a podcast is great for language learners. A student is able to hear his or her mistakes first hand, then correct them. This helps with mechanics, pronunciation and emphasis. Whether a student is learning a foreign language or struggling with reading, using a podcast is a great teaching method.

  • Posting the podcasts on the class blog or school website allows the parents to hear what their children are doing at school.

  • Podcasts provide conveniences for students learning long distance.

  • Podcasts are great for project based learning because they encourage students to think critically, collaborate, engage and comprehend the lesson.

    To gain perspective on this assignment, Dr. Strange recommended we listen to a few podcasts. In the past I have never considered using podcasts in the classroom, but after reviewing the material I understand how valuable they can be. The Flat Stanley Podcast was composed by a class of first-graders. As I listened, I could tell how excited and engaged the students were by this project. They were having fun and letting their imaginations run wild; all while learning.

    Imagine that!