Friday, December 6, 2013

Blog Assignment #16

Final Reflection

Teach me and I forget, involve me and I learn
For our final blog assignment, Dr. Strange asked us to look back on our very first blog assignment and discuss how we would now change that post. Dr. Strange asked us on the first day of EDM 310, "If you built a school, what would it be like?"

The majority of my response to that question revolved around a positive classroom atmosphere, emphasis on creativity, and freedom for students to express themselves and cultivate their passions. I still stand by that response, but now, just a few months later, I have a lot to add to it!

At the beginning of the semester I highly underestimated the importance and the power of technology. Technology was something that I just never gave much consideration. Now, after completing EDM 310 and learning about so many amazing technological tools and resources, I can't imagine not using technology in my classroom.

I am an artist, so creativity and the arts have always been something that I plan to heavily integrate into my classroom. What I did not realize, was that technology and creativity go hand and hand! There are so many ways to integrate technology into the classroom, while encouraging creativity at the same time.

colorful hand prints

A class blog is a perfect example. A blog gives students the opportunity to get creative with their work and present it to an audience. There are limitless learning possibilities when it comes to student blogging. They are able to customize the appearance and the content in any way they want, and because of that they tend to take more pride in their work.

There are so many more tools and resources that I will use in my future classroom that before EDM 310, I never would have considered. Prezi or iMovie for book reports and presentations, project based learning activities that incorporate technology and the SMARTboard, and iCurio are resources that I will use with my students.

Delicious, Twitter, Evernote, Symbaloo, C4T Blogs, and Google Drive are tools I will use to stay organized and cultivate my PLN.

Surprisingly, the most important thing I feel I am taking away from EDM 310 is not about technology. It's about asking questions, being curious, and being a life long learner. That is something I hope I can instill in my students the way Dr. Strange has instilled it in me!

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  1. "...I feel I am taking away from EDM 310 is not about technology. It's about asking questions, being curious, and being a life long learner." WONDERFUL!

    I am confident you will be a Lifelong Learner. May learning never end for you!

    Very well done!