Sunday, October 27, 2013

Blog Assignment #10

The Last Lecture

Randy Pausch, a computer science professor, achieved world-wide fame when a video of one of his lectures, entitled The Last Lecture, went viral.

As educators, what can we learn about teaching and learning from Randy Pausch?

  • Criticism is Key
  • When someone gives you feedback or criticism, listen. Use it. Instead of automatically defending yourself, accept what they have to say. When someone criticizes you it shows that, at the least, they care. It's time to worry when you are making mistakes and no one is around to call you on it. So appreciate your critics! This is especially relevant in the field of education. As teachers, and as students, we are constantly giving and receiving feedback from one another. It's important to keep perspective and remember that in a learning community or a classroom, constructive criticism is always welcome and necessary-- never personal.

  • Expectations
  • Having expectations about what a student can achieve is very limiting. Never give students a bar to raise because you have no idea where it should be! A student's potential is unlimited, so allowing them to have the freedom to explore and set their own standards is essential.

  • Self Reflection
  • Pausch says that the best gift an educator can give is to get someone to become self reflective. It is so important to be able to look at your own work with an editing eye and evaluate it honestly. Self reflection is a skill that students will use far beyond the classroom walls.

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    And, most importantly, have fun!

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    1. Anna,
      I enjoyed reading your post. It is very organized, to the point, and contains very valuable information. I would have encouraged you to add the college Mr. Pausch taught at. In the "self reflection" bullet, I would have encouraged you to mention that it is important for teachers to self-reflect and asses their own performances in the classroom.