Sunday, November 24, 2013

Blog Assignment #14

What Did Dr. Strange Leave Out?

Dr. Strange asked that we answer this question in a blog post, by creating an assignment of our own, then completing that assignment.

Promethean Planet is a free website that provides countless resources for teachers, including lesson plans, worksheets, games, assignments, projects and much more. A Promethean Board is very similar to a SMARTboard, just a different brand. Promethean Planet has been a great asset to my PLN, and it is a resource I use regularly.

Assignment: Use Promethean Planet to create a SMARTboard activity.

This lesson from Promethean Planet is an introduction to comma usage. It requires SMARTboard software. Students will learn the rules for using commas, and how the meaning of sentences are changed when commas are not used.
Comma cartoon

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