Sunday, November 24, 2013

My Final PLN Report

In the beginning of October, I posted about the progress of my PLN, or personal learning network.

Since then, Twitter continues to be one of the most valuable assets to my PLN. Though I am still cultivating my Twitter skills, I continue to learn a lot from the people I follow on Twitter. One area that could use improvement is my activity on Twitter. I think as I continue to use Twitter and become more comfortable with it, my activity will increase and I will form even more connections that will benefit my PLN.

As part of my PLN I have also continued, and increased, the use of tools like Google, Google Drive, Delicious, Prezi, Edutopia, TED Talks and Pinterest. In addition, I now frequently refer to Evernote, Promethean Planet, YouTube, the Mobile Museum of Art and several C4T blogs, like Langwitches, that I now consider to be valuable resources.

I am still using Symbaloo as the main method of organization for my PLN. I am constantly expanding my Symbaloo page by adding tabs and resources.
I think the most important thing about a PLN is having the attitude of a life long learner, and the willingness to continuously form connections and reach out for help. My PLN is not limited to what I can store on Symbaloo; it includes teachers I have met, as well as resources and ideas from other classes like EDU 301. My personal learning network is always changing, always growing and will forever be a work in progress.

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